Spring Replacement


Spring Replacement for Garage Doors

Get a spring replacement today!  Safety and Security are the most important elements to lead a happy and hassle-free life. Our home, commercial spaces or shops all need the highest safety and security measures to avoid accidents and unexpected losses. With the ever-increasing cases of theft and break in’s, the tension of security for property owners is on a rise. Everyone needs the perfect solution to ensure good safety and security. Garage Doors at Chandler is here to provide you with the best solution as well as quality service! We are a garage door repair company, with many services for you!

Existing garage doors can have issues working over a period of time. Everything in the house needs repairs and so does a garage door. Broken garage door cables or broken springs may need repairing or replaced. An expert from our team will be able to gauge the exact need and repair it accordingly. A nonworking garage door is as good as not having one! So proper repairs are required to ensure the correct function of the garage door. Off track garage doors also need the expertise and skill of a technician for complete repair. Not every issue calls for a replacement. Most problems can be repaired and the garage door can be restored to a good working condition.

Broken Spring

broken garage springA garage door with a broken spring is the most common problem faced by owners. Over time the spring loses its tension, becomes worn out or breaks demanding immediate replacement or repair. A broken spring can cause injuries or accidents as the garage door may go off track and slam shut unexpectedly. We use quality steel springs that last for a long time and guarantee strength to the garage door. We are well stocked with springs of all sizes to assist you perfectly! Both manual and automatic garage doors can go off track over a period time or if the springs break or wear out. An off-track garage door can cause accidents or unwanted mishaps.

An unbalanced garage door is also a major reason for it to go off track. If automatic doors are operated while the lock is still engaged the door goes off track too. There could be several reasons for the garage door to go off track and an expert technician from our team will be able to put your garage door back in proper working order. Trying to replace broken or damaged springs on your own may seem easy but require the skill and expertise of a professional for safe and effective function.

Get Your Spring Replaced Today!

Ignoring a broken or damaged garage door can lead to unfortunate accidents and mishaps. If the roller is broken, the garage door can automatically shut or jam down causing injury to people or property. It is important to repair damages right away to avoid such accidents. We undertake all garage door repair services. We have the equipment and products that can easily get a garage door back in good working condition. The springs and rollers need to be the exact size to work correctly and we can ensure your garage door is repaired using the proper products and services.

We offer services at affordable prices but do not compromise on quality! We only rely on quality products and materials to serve our customers. Garage doors are not a luxury but a necessity in today’s time. Be it our home, office or shops, every space needs the protection of a reliable garage door. It’s the way to ensure peace of mind and safety for your family and other valuable items. Many people have made the mistake of going light on this very important measure… don’t make that mistake! We are here to take your worry away and give you the best and perfect solution… all your garage door needs will be handled by our team of experts!

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