Garage Opener Repair & Replacement

garage-motor-upgradeGarage Opener Repair, Replacement, and Upgrade

Garage Opener Safety and Security

Our house is our greatest asset that requires due attention and care. Everyday something or the other requires maintenance, upgrade or general upkeep to continue working in an efficient and hassle free manner. Not just a house, any property has several elements and aspects that deserve constant attention. A garage system is one such essential part of any property that adds to the use, value and safety of a property. A garage is used to store all the valuables and important goods that need to be protected from theft or external harm. Cars, furniture, goods and other items are stored in garages to protect from damage against external factors and extreme weather conditions.

A garage system thus becomes an essential element that must be chosen and installed after due consideration of the needs and requirements. The most important factor to consider when choosing a garage system is complete safety and security. A good and reliable garage system goes a long way in adding to the convenience and peace of mind of the owner. Today technology has made great advancements and excellent garage systems that enhance the user experience have come into the market. Manual garage doors and openers have been replaced by remote, keypad or motor openers that add to the security while also adding to the ease of use.

Function and benefits of Motor opener

garage-motor-replacementA Motor opener enables the user to easily open or close the garage door without manual effort or exhaustion. A motor operated opener also ensures proper closing and opening thus adding to the safety and security feature. The owner can also close or open the garage door from a longer distance and alarms or lighting systems can alert for any problems, malfunctions or other causes that require immediate attention. The greatest benefits of a motor opener include:

  • Greater security and safety
  • Easy access
  • Zero manual effort
  • Long distance access and use
  • Advanced technology for alarms and alerts

Motor not working?

Replace and Repair Information

The motor opener may not work due to several reasons. When a motor stops working it may need a repair or a replacement, depending on the problem. A professional can help you ascertain the exact problem. If the opener batteries are dead or if the track has been misaligned, you may need a small repair service. Also, certain wiring or smaller problems can be repaired. In case of a greater problem, you may need a replacement service.


Different types of Motors:

  • Backup Battery: These work with the help of external batteries that may need replacement from time to time or need a charging source.
  • Wireless: A wireless motor works from a greater range and distance adding to the convenience of the user.

Different types of tracks:

  • Screw Drive: A garage door opener that works on Screw Drive rotates a threaded steel rod that moves the trolley to open or close the garage door. It requires the least maintenance and offer a fairly quiet operation because of the plastic lined tracks. It involves few moving parts.
  • Belt Drive: Belt Drive garage openers work using a belt in place of a chain to open or close the door. The belt drive openers are extremely quiet making them ideal for garage systems within the living space. The belt also reduces the vibration but is slightly more expensive that chain tracks.
  • Chain Drive: The most commonly used, chain drive garage door openers use a chain for the opening or closing of the door. The operation is a little noisy but the highly economical maintenance and investment still makes them popular. It is a dependable operation.

Whatever kind of motor or track you choose; the most important thing to consider is your individual use and requirement. Safety and security are the prime factors to consider and must never be compromised on! The garage system motor openers are available in different types and kinds and it’s best to understand the working and functionality of different kinds before choosing one. The noise factor, battery and motor factors and also effort factor make each unique, beneficial and useful in it’s own respect.

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