Sensor Repair, Replacement, & Adjustment

garage-sensor-replacementGarage Sensor Repair, Replacement, and Realignment

Maintaining a property requires attention to detail and being aware of the good functioning of everything in and around.  Property owners have the responsibility to take care of every big and small repair, replacement or realignment required in any corner. A garage is a multi-functional utility space that serves many purposes. A garage is a place to store valuables; things not in use or anything and everything that we want to keep safe. This makes a garage sensor one of the most important things that need to be maintained and kept in good working condition at all times. After all, what use is a sensor that doesn’t work properly, or doesn’t work at all?

A garage system is a mix of various elements, and the sensor is one of the most important of all. When installing a new garage system, one must not compromise on the sensor as it has many functions that assist the owner and keeps the garage safe and secure. The increasing number of security breach cases have made it even more necessary to install a quality sensor and ensure it’s in the best condition at all times. The basic function of a garage door sensor is safety and high security. They work using infrared radio signals that allow the owner to open and close the garage door with a click of a remote control button. The garage sensor will not allow the door to open unless the remote control button is pressed. In case of any malfunction, the sensor light begins to blink, indicating trouble. Sometimes, the problem could be a small obstruction but other times a thorough check may be required by a professional.

garage-sensor-repairThe benefits of a garage door sensor:

  • Complete Security and Safety
  • The ease of opening a garage door from anywhere!
  • Automatic open and close system
  • Option to schedule open and close

Applying force to a malfunctioning sensor may result in further damage! The sensor does not respond to force! A malfunctioning garage sensor could be realigned or readjusted, sometimes by minor cleaning or sometimes by technical changes. In any case, it’s always best to call a professional who understands the mechanism and can provide instant and necessary solutions. When a garage door sensor malfunctions, it is not always necessary to replace it. Sometimes a garage sensor repair service or minor garage sensor realignment may be all you require.

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Be it garage sensor repair, garage sensor replacement or garage sensor realignment; we guarantee the best quality and timely service. You can completely rely on our professional and expert services to make your home or commercial space secure and safe! We understand the need and importance of garage sensors and we are here to offer our technical understanding for you!