Roller Repair & Replacement

nylon-and-steel-rollerGarage door roller repair, replacement & maintenance

There are different kinds of garage doors on the marketplace ranging from traditional to roller doors and each have pros and cons. One of the most popular choices for commercial and homeowners is the roller garage doors. Here, we will enlighten you more about the function of a roller, its maintenance, and replacement.

Function of rollers in a garage system

Garage door rollers play a salient part in the smooth operation of your garage door system. Garage door rollers support and guide the garage door and serve as an opening and closing mechanism. They help to ensure proper and efficient operations of your garage door by improving your doors performance and keeping it on track.

garage-roller-replacementThe differences and benefits of the 3 different types of rollers

  • Plastic rollers are normally fitted at one end and do not have ball bearings. They absorb vibrations which make it much quieter and the stability makes it more energy efficient.
  • Metal rollers come with ball bearings or without ball bearings.  They are made of steel and do not deteriorate in time. They require lubrication for proper function. These rollers are relatively cheaper than other kinds of rollers.
  • Silicone rollers are made of nylon-like products. They can also absorb vibrations, and they rarely need lubrication on its mechanism. This makes them trouble free and efficient.

roller-maintanenceImportance of regular Roller maintenance

There are two major benefits when doing regular roller maintenance. First, it saves you money for the garage service. If you perform regular maintenance, your doors will always be in good condition. Therefore, you will avoid expensive repairs or roller replacements. Secondly, proper maintenance will ensure the longevity of your garage door’s life.

Also, roller maintenance involves checking the garage door balance and making sure that it is properly placed. The roller should be aligned correctly to avoid untoward accidents.

It is wise to use the service of a professional to ensure the right roller maintenance because it also includes cleaning and lubricating the moving mechanism. A professional will clean the roller and tracks of any bad grease and dirt that can cause the garage door to malfunction. This procedure includes drying the rollers, lubricating them with garage door lubricant spray and also lubricating the pulleys.

A rolling garage door should have a good pulley system and the rollers will function well when it’s in good condition. If they are worn, it’s best you opt for a roller replacement. Check the track regularly. If you notice any bending or breakage in the track, replace it.

Your garage needs may not just cover rolling doors, but also maintenance. Roller replacement and maintenance for a garage should be handled by professionals. Don’t wait for complete damage of your garage door or get stuck while opening or closing a gate in an emergency situation. We are at your service. We service the entire Phoenix, AZ  and metro area.