Cable Replacement

garage-door-cableGarage door stopped working because of broken cables? Call us for a cable replacement!

A garage door serves many functions which are often taken for granted until we are faced with the breakdown of a garage door. Garages keep your car safe and protect your premises from unwanted critters etc. The cause of a garage door breakdown is the broken garage cables, which happens to be the most important part to keeping your garage door functioning.

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garage-cable-replacementWhat is the function of the cables in a garage system?

The cables are important because they allow you to open and close the garage door with ease. When you open the door the cables roll up and when you close the door the cables extend to the door length. You may not know, but whenever the door opens and closes, the whole weight of the garage door is taken by the springs. So the main purpose of cables in a garage system is to support the garage door springs in handling the weight of the door. If the garage spring breaks and there is no garage door cables, then be ready for a catastrophic accident. Having a garage door cable running through the spring will stop the recoiling of the garage door and avoid any mishap from happening.

There are three different types of cables:

  • Torsion cables
  • Extension cables
  • Safety cables

The torsion cables are used when there are torsion springs in your garage and these cables are looped at one end and crimped stop on the other, which are installed into the drums. Many garages have extension springs installed and therefore it will need particular spring cables which will be installed on the pulley. The function of both these cables is the same, however, safety cables work a little differently. Safety cables are installed with a safety cable drum which is attached to both ends of the springs, allowing the cables to pass through the springs. That means that if the extension springs break, safety cables will prevent the broken parts from flying with a violent force so that there is no damage caused.

Not only is installing garage door cables important, but it’s also important to know that it is necessary to maintain them.  Here is the reason:

Garage door cables are like any other part of the garage door which can face minor wear and tear on continuous daily use. So, if you don’t maintain it, you will give these minor issues way for becoming worse and causing terrible harm. Also, the broken cable will bring the working of the whole system to a stop. The breaking of garage door cables can be caused because of broken springs, an imbalanced door, a very old cable and more. Thus, if you want to avoid all these problems and don’t want to deal with broken cables, regular maintenance of the garage door cables is a must.  

You may think that garage door cables are very strong and won’t break as they are made of metal. But just because they are strong that doesn’t mean that you will never face a broken cable. When you find that your garage door cable has broken then the immediate action should be cable replacement with a new garage cable.

The broken cables can stop your garage door from working correctly which can lead to even worse problems. If the spring brakes and your garage door cables weren’t in place then the broken spring will fly with full force across the garage causing huge damage to your property, your vehicle and may even injure someone.

Now that you know the importance of maintaining garage door cables in good health, if you find any breakage or damage call us for a garage door cable replacement.

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