Oh No! Do I Need Garage Repair?

When you have garage doors, repair is something you may have to deal with at some point. That’s especially true if you didn’t maintain your doors well, or if you bought a house that wasn’t new and where the previous owners didn’t take good care of their doors. Your garage opener may not work with the doors, or you may have other problems with the springs, the motor, or the door itself. If that’s the case, you don’t necessarily need new doors – you need the old doors fixed, so they work properly again, and you can get back to using your garage.

If you can’t get your garage opener to work right, or you have other issues with your garage doors, repair is possible in many cases. You’ll need to get a door repair specialist like our friends at columbusgaragdoorpros.com out to take a look at the garage door and see what kind of problem you have. That way, you can find out how it can be fixed, or if you’d be better off just buying a new garage door. Some doors that are very old are beyond repair, especially if they have been damaged by a natural disaster or an accident with a vehicle.

If you have badly damaged or very old garage doors, repair may not be something that will work for you. Replacement may be the only option. For others who have the opportunity to repair their doors, though, or to fix their doors so that their garage opener works again, relief can be in sight quickly. Generally, repair takes less time than replacement, and it’s also often much less expensive. Be sure to consider all of your options, and talk with a licensed and insured professional to get a written estimate about door repair or replacement.

Your garage doors may need to be maintained more carefully throughout the year than doors that are found in warmer climates, so keep that in mind when you buy a house with a garage or have a garage built. You don’t have to worry about your doors all the time, but you do need to take a look at them occasionally and make sure that they are staying clean and oiled. The springs should not be rusty, and the motor should not be noisy. With garage doors, fixing is cheaper than replacing but it can still cost a lot, so take the time to maintain your doors so you can save money in the long run.

Garage Door Openers Aren’t That Expensive!

A garage opener doesn’t cost that much, so that’s a relatively easy replacement. If you need new springs or a new door, that will cost more. Still, you don’t want to have a garage door that doesn’t work, so replacement makes sense. When it comes to garage doors, repair and replacement are your only two options. The only other choice is to leave your door in a non-functional or barely-functional state, which isn’t really a choice at all for many people who rely on being able to use their garage – and their garage door – for their car and/or for storing items that don’t have a place in the house.